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How do I get in? How do I apply? We cover some of these important basics of applying to Waymaker Insittue in our Admissions FAQs.

Paying for WMI

Where applicable, learn more about tuition rates, housing costs payment plans, and more so you can become a Waymaker Institute student.

Other Questions

Housing, Transportation, Technology and more are addressed in this section.

Waymaker Institute Admissions

What are the admissions requirements?
Admission requirements depend on the program. See the Admissions page for program requirements.
What is the application process?
Application process depends on the program a potential student applies for. See each Program page for more details on the application process.
Can I transfer credits to another college?

Yes. Credit hours received through our Academic classes can transfer to our partner institutions, Liberty University and Cairn University.

Read more about how credits transfer HERE.

Is there an age limit for students to attend WMI?
The maximum age of a Waymaker Institute Academic and Internship student is 25. The student meets the age limit if they turn 25 after the first day of the academic year.
Do you admit international students on F or M visas?
We currently do not have SEVP certification from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This means that we don’t have the ability to issue Form I-20 which allows international students to apply for a visa to enter the United States for study.

Paying For Waymaker Institute

How much does Waymaker Institute cost?
Cost depends on a student’s program. See Admissions for more information.
Is there a payment plan?

Yes, Waymaker Institute provides payment plans for Academic students.

Please see our Academic Program Tuition document for more information.

Can i receive federal student loans or financial aid?
Waymaker Institute is not a Title IV educational institution, and as such our students are not eligible for federal student aid or to have student loans placed in deferment.
Can I report payments to Waymaker Institute on my tax filing?
Since Waymaker Institute does not participate in Title IV funding (federal financial aid), a student will not receive a 1098-T form and can’t report the tuition payments on his or her tax return.

Other WMI Questions

Is housing provided?

Waymaker Institute provides female and male housing in the neighborhood adjacent to Waymaker Institute. We do provide payment plans for housing.

If you have questions, please email for help.

Is transportation provided?
All students are required to provide their own transportation.
What are the technology requirements?
Academic and Internship students are required to provide their own personal laptop compatible with Office 365. Resident students will receive a laptop with the necessary software.
What are the doctrinal beliefs of Waymaker Institute?
Waymaker Institute is a non-denominational Protestant ministry training program. Our beliefs are broadly evangelical and drawn from the historic creeds and confessions of the global and historical church. Waymaker Institute is a partner of Waymaker.Church, whose beliefs can be found here.

Our institutional statement of faith and our statement of secondary institutional positions can be found here and here.

What do I receive after graduating from Waymaker Institute?
Waymaker Institute students receive a certificate indicating their completion of the program. Academic students also receive transfer credits to a Partner Institution.

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