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Personal Direction

Spiritual Development

Ministry Experience

The internship Program is for you if you…


Have a heart for the local church, or the nations


Desire to develop your leadership capabilities


Seek practical ministry experience


Are ready to learn through a short-term commitment


Are still figuring out your next step in life or in ministry


Desire to share the gospel

We believe real ministry is your best training


Hands-On Ministry Experience


Individual Coaching


Spiritual Formation


Rooted In A Healthy Culture

Seasonal Internship Opportunities

Semester Internship

The Semester Internship occurs during the Fall and Spring academic semesters. During this time, Interns fulfill office hours where they will work alongside a ministry leader in the daily operations of vocational ministry. The Semester Internship is unpaid but can earn academic credit depending on the student’s higher education institution.

Discipleship Group

Are you looking to grow as a follower of Jesus? The Discipleship Group is a ten-week group that is focused on what it means to be with Jesus, be like Jesus, and do what Jesus did. We gather as a team once a week to have dinner, worship, pray, read scripture, share the gospel, and discuss how we are personally living out the mission of God. This group will require a time commitment of at around seven hours per week.

Summer Internship

The Summer Internship occurs between the months of May and August. Interns fulfill weekly office hours while working alongside a ministry leader in the daily operations of vocational ministry. They receive a semi-monthly stipend for their work.

You’ll get a taste of ministry in a thriving local church

A seasonal leadership development program where students encounter the ministries of a thriving church and the culture of a healthy staff.

The program focuses on three key areas:

    • Education
    • Ministry Training
    • Spiritual Formation

The Internship Program allows you to work in ministry at Waymaker.Church while being surrounded by healthy leaders that help you grow spiritually and personally.

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Get the training you need to become a high-capacity, high-character leader


Impact your community, lead in your church, and change the world

Get the direction you’ve been missing

Find Your Direction

Hands-on ministry experience to help you clarify your calling

Grow in your calling

Apply what you’re learning through hands-on training at Waymaker.Church

impact others

Develop your spiritual gifts to shape your character and influence

What Our Graduates are saying

My experience with the Waymaker Internship was a great time of reflection on what I thought ministry was verse what ministry truly is. I learned that ministry is solely about bringing glory to God and serving His people no matter what capacity that is in.

Brittany Davis

Semester Intern 2021-2022

The Waymaker Institute Internship Program changed my life. In a season where I was looking for personal growth I received mentorship, spiritual formation and practical experience in ministry. Through our development time I was able to define my unique life purpose which gave me direction and clarity to step into my next assignment confidently.

Tricia Wojtas

Semester Intern 2019-2020

I absolutely loved being a part of the internship at Waymaker during my Junior year of college! Having the opportunity to serve the Lord through local church ministry while at the same time experiencing so much growth and development is something I will be forever thankful for. It opened my eyes to how the Lord is working through His church, and laid a powerful foundation for my next steps in ministry through serving on staff at Waymaker, interning at Samaritan’s Purse International Relief, and working as a graduate assistant at Liberty University while pursuing my MBA! God is so good and I’m forever grateful for how this internship sharpened and equipped me — not just with a skillset, but with intentional character development that shaped who I am today.

Hannah Clerc

Host Teams Summer Intern 2021

The Waymaker Institute Internship has given me so many opportunities for growth and development unlike anywhere else. Being able to work with the Students Team has been life changing and has had such a huge impact on what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Paul Hunter

Summer Intern 2022

My experience as a worship intern was very growing, both personally and professionally. I learned a lot about the role of the Church and the value of serving the Body of Christ.

Jess Mitchel

Summer Intern 2022

What To Expect in the Internship Program


It is recommended that Interns are pursuing or have completed an undergraduate degree or graduate degree at an accredited institution.

Waymaker Institute does provide opportunities for continued education. A plan for continuing education will be created for an Intern on a case-by-case basis. 

Ministry Training

The Internship Program provides students with practical ministry experience within a specific ministry area at Waymaker.Church. Interns are placed in a ministry area that aligns with their unique calling, passions, and affinity to develop practical skills and participate in day-to-day operations of local ministry.

Potential ministry areas include:

    • Discipleship
    • Outreach
    • Worship
    • Connections
    • Groups
    • Production
    • Student Ministry: Middle School
    • Student Ministry: High School
    • Kids Ministry: Birth-4th Grade
    • Creative Team (Graphic Design/Videography)

Spiritual Formation

Interns participate in weekly environments that provide opportunities for spiritual development and personal growth.

Interns craft their spiritual lives through the Waymaker Institute Rule of Life. The WMI Rule of Life calls our interns to the regular practices of prayer, sabbath, fasting, and scripture reading.

Through these environments and practices, interns form their lives towards loving God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Internship Program Requirements

It is recommended that Interns are pursuing or have completed an undergraduate degree or graduate degree at an accredited institution.

A plan for continuing education will be created for non-degree-seeking/holding applicants on a case-by-case basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the admissions requirements?

It is recommended that Applicants are pursuing or have acquired an undergraduate degree from another institution or have completed an undergraduate degree.

Applicants with neither will be considered for the Internship Program on a case-by-case basis. These non-degree seeking/holding applicants are expected to create a continuing education plan.

What is the application process?

Fill out Application, Complete Questionnaire, Interview(s).

Apply for the Internship Program HERE.

Is there an age limit for students to attend WMI?
The maximum age of a Waymaker Institute Academic and Internship student is 25. The student meets the age limit if they turn 25 after the first day of the academic year.
Is this a paid internship?
The Summer Internship is a 20-hour per week internship from May – August. Summer Interns receive a semi-monthly stipend for their work.

The Semester Internship is an unpaid position but can earn academic credit depending on the student’s higher education institution.

Can I earn academic credit?

The Semester and Summer Internships can earn academic credit depending on the student’s higher education institution.

Other FAQs

Is housing provided?

Waymaker Institute provides female and male housing in the neighborhood adjacent to Waymaker Institute. If you have questions, please email for help.

Is transportation provided?
All students are required to provide their own transportation.
What are the technology requirements?
Academic and Internship students are required to provide their own personal laptop compatible with Office 365. Resident students will receive a laptop with the necessary software.
What are the doctrinal beliefs of Waymaker Institute?
Waymaker Institute is a non-denominational Protestant ministry training program. Our beliefs are broadly evangelical and drawn from the historic creeds and confessions of the global and historical church. Waymaker Institute is a partner of Waymaker.Church, whose beliefs can be found here.
Our institutional statement of faith and our statement of secondary institutional positions can be found here and here.

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