How do I know if this is my next step?

The Waymaker Institute Academic Program is your next step if you:

  • Have graduated from high school
  • Want to continue your formal education
  • Sense the beginning of a call to vocational ministry
  • Love the local church
  • Aspire to grow in leadership
  • Desire practical and experiential training



Waymaker Institute’s Academic Program is a two-year program for high school graduates to discern and affirm their calling to vocational ministry in the local church. In the two-year Academic Program, students take four semesters undergraduate courses that focus on the foundational skills and knowledge required to effectively lead and minister in the local church.


Year One

Fall Semester:

  • Old Testament Survey: An introduction to the historical background, authorship, contents, and narrative flow of the Old Testament.
  • Spiritual Formation: An overview and introduction to the classic spiritual disciplines aimed at teaching students how to practice and integrate spiritual disciplines into their personal lives.
  • Church Ministries: An introduction to the operations and philosophy of a large and growing church. Emphasis is given to how the student can effectively function within the team, and the philosophy behind various aspects of church ministry.
  • Academics 101: An introduction to the fundamental skills required for academic success at Waymaker Institute.


Spring Semester:

  • New Testament Survey: An introduction to the historical background, authorship, contents, and narrative flow of the New Testament.
  • Hermeneutics: An introduction to the methods, process, and tools used in interpreting and applying the Bible.
  • Spiritual Leadership: An introduction to the Biblical model of leadership, leadership roles, and leadership identity.
  • Cultural Engagement: An introduction to theological thinking and engagement with contemporary cultural issues.

Year Two

Fall Semester

  • Survey of Theology: An introduction to theological method and the development of Christian theological thought.
  • Christian Liturgy: An introduction to the theology and practice of church ordinances and environments.
  • Church Operations and Management: An introduction to the methods of leading and managing local church operations.


Spring Semester

  • Ministry Communication: An introduction to communication within ministry environments.
  • Introduction to Counseling: An introduction to the philosophy and methods of pastoral counseling.
  • Missions and Discipleship: An introduction to the global call and mission of the church.




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Spiritual Formation

  • Students participate in a weekly environment that provides opportunities for spiritual development and personal growth. This environment intentionally emphasizes teaching, prayer, worship, and the practice of spiritual gifts to shape and form student’s character and hearts.



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Ministry Training

  • Year 1: Practicum
    • The Ministry Training Practicum provides students with a broad view of ministry in the local church through education and exposure. Students have an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to diverse ministry areas at Waymaker.Church. Through education and exposure to a variety of ministry opportunities and environments, students are able to begin the process of discerning and affirming their call to ministry.
  • Year 2: Internship
    • The Ministry Training Internship provides students with practical ministry experience within a specific ministry area at Waymaker.Church. Ministry Training Interns are placed in a ministry area that aligns with their unique calling, passions, and affinity to develop practical skills and participate in day-to-day operations of local church ministry.
  • Potential ministry areas include:
    • Student Ministries- Midway & Way Youth
    • Worship
    • WayKids
    • Communications & Creative
    • Connections
    • Spiritual Development- Care Team & Groups
  • Both the Ministry Training Practicum and Internship provide students a front row seat to the exciting and dynamic operations of a thriving and growing church. In Ministry Training, students are exposed to the inner workings and daily operations of a church staff to help them discern and affirm their call to vocational ministry in the local church.



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Student Life

  • The Summit
    • Students participate in the monthly Waymaker.Church Staff Summit. At the Summit, students experience worship and prayer, and join the rest of the Waymaker.Church Staff to seek God’s guidance and direction for Waymaker.Church.
  • Staff Development
    • Students participate in bi-weekly Waymaker.Church Staff Development that challenges and encourages them to grow in their personal and professional leadership and development.
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  • Physical Fitness
    • Students participate in regular fitness and exercise with both the Waymaker.Church Staff, and their fellow students. Through physical exercise, students grow their physical, mental, and spiritual resiliency so they can thrive in full time ministry.