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Church Ministry Residency

Are you called to lead and work in the local church?

The Church Residency develops and equips leaders to carry out the weight of full-time ministry. This is a two-year ministry staff position within Waymaker.Church

Church Planting Residency

Are you called to plant a church?

The Church Planting Residency trains and develops leaders with the necessary tools to launch a local church. This is a two-year ministry staff position within Waymaker.Church.

Nations Residency

Has God placed a stirring in your heart for the nations?

The Nations Residency equips and commissions men, women, and families who are called to go overseas to spread the Gospel. This is a nine-month immersive program.

The church ministry or church planting Residency Program is for you if you…


Are called to full-time vocational ministry or to plant a church


Crave mentorship and feedback


Have experience serving and leading in the local church


Aspire to grow as a spiritual leader

The Nations Residency Program

is for you if you…


Want to discern your call to the nations


Aspire to spread the gospel in a different culture


Desire to grow in being with Jesus, being like Jesus, and doing what Jesus did


Want to live on mission through disciple-making

Get support and structure to help you launch and finish well


Practical Training


Individual Coaching


Spiritual & Personal Development


Rooted In A Healthy Culture

Birthed by the local church to serve the local church

In 2017, the leaders of Waymaker.Church felt God stir the idea to launch an institution that would develop future church leaders to impact generations for the Kingdom of God.

Waymaker Institute exists to develop high-capacity and high-character leaders for the community, church, and nations through our Academic, Internship, and Residency Programs.

Don’t miss out on God’s Calling

You’ve been called to ministry – that part is clear. But without the right people investing in you during that journey, you’re left to figure it out on your own.


    No one to encourage you


    No one to equip you for higher capacity in ministry


    No one to come alongside you to help you realize spiritual and emotional growth

    The two-year Residency Program focuses on three key areas:

    Education, Ministry Training, and Spiritual Formation

    to give you the foundational tools to help you in life and in ministry.

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    Get the training you need to become a high-capacity, high-character leader


    Impact your community, lead in your church, and change the world

    What Our Graduates are saying

    The residency is the best thing that could have happened to me when I graduated from college. I have been fiercely prayer over, protected, and loved on, and I now know the voice of the Holy Spirit in ways I could have never imagined.

    Emma Conard

    WayKids Resident 2020

    My time in Waymaker Institute’s Residency Program was a pivotal moment in my life. It provided the necessary foundation and building blocks to launch me into my vocation of full time ministry. I challenged my leadership, confirmed my calling, and shaped my walk with Jesus.
    Tanner Petty

    Waymaker Institute Resident 2019-2021

    I am nowhere where I thought I would be, but I’ve never been more certain about where God has me going. I have new passions and have seen new gifts emerge that align with those passions. I have no doubt that God is using this time to train and prepare me for leadership in His church.

    Carson Shrode

    Connections Resident

    From the functions of a church staff to practicing spiritual disciplines, WMI has trained me in both knowledge and practice to deal with the harder parts of ministry that I had never learned in a classroom before. What started as my next step academically, has now become a milestone in my spiritual maturity.

    Peter Johnson

    Students Resident 2018-2020

    The Waymaker Institute Residency has been radically transforming not only for my ministry experience, but also for my spiritual formation and relationship with God. It has provided a new perspective and understanding of God’s calling in my life for His Kingdom.

    Jose Marte

    Outreach Resident 2021 – Current

    The Residency was one of the hardest and most fruitful experiences of my life. Yes, I do believe deeply that there was so much preparation for the task of ministry; however, even greater than that, residency forced me to be open-handed with Jesus, ingrained in me the practice of doing hard things, and helped produce endurance in my faith. And exponentially grew my love for the local church! All of this has played a huge role in what I get to do now, loving and leading our middle and high school students!

    Anna Westerfield

    Student Resident 2019-2021

    What to Expect in the Residency


    It is recommended that Residents have completed an undergraduate degree or graduate degree at an accredited institution.

    Waymaker Institute does provide opportunities for continued education. A plan for continuing education will be created for an Resident on a case-by-case basis. 

    Ministry Training

    The Residency is a two-year program that develops and equips individuals to step into vocational ministry. Residents get to experience the weight of full-time ministry through high-level opportunities. They are considered employees at Waymaker.Church and participate in all staff functions.

    Potential ministry areas include:

      • Discipleship
      • Outreach
      • Worship
      • Connections
      • Groups
      • Production
      • Student Ministry: Middle School
      • Student Ministry: High School
      • Kids Ministry: Birth-4th Grade
      • Creative Team (Graphic Design/Videography)

    Spiritual Formation

    Residents participate in weekly environments that provide opportunities for spiritual development and personal growth.

    Residents craft their spiritual lives through the Waymaker Institute Rule of Life. The WMI Rule of Life calls our residents to the regular practices of prayer, sabbath, fasting, and scripture reading.

    Through these environments and practices, residents form their lives towards loving God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

    Residency Program Requirements


    • Undergraduate or Graduate degree preferred
    • Leadership experience
    • Ministry experience

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What are the admissions requirements?
      • Bachelors Degree preferred
      • Ministry experience
      • Leadership experience
    What is the application process?

    Submit an application, fill out a Questionnaire, and complete an interview.

    Apply for the Residency Program HERE.

    Is there an age limit for students to attend WMI?

    The Residency Program does not have an age limit but other qualifications that are discerned through the interview process are considered.

    What are the doctrinal beliefs of Waymaker Institute?
    Waymaker Institute is a non-denominational Protestant ministry training program. Our beliefs are broadly evangelical and drawn from the historic creeds and confessions of the global and historical church. Waymaker Institute is a partner of Waymaker.Church, whose beliefs can be found here.

    Our institutional statement of faith and our statement of secondary institutional positions can be found here and here.

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