Waymaker Institute Values

We expect transformation

We pray and plan for our students to experience a transformation of what they love, desire, and value. We believe life-change will happen because every environment is informed by God’s Word, guided by God’s Spirit, and shared with God’s people.

We are future focused

We sense and help shape what’s happening in the culture and what God is doing in the world. We develop leaders who will lead a different culture and church than what we currently see.

We begin with the end in mind

We develop students who love Jesus more than they love ministry, who will go the distance and finish well. We equip them with the necessary tools to thrive in life, family, and ministry.

We are given much to give away

We are openhanded with our time, resources, and abilities. We remove obstacles and build bridges in order to leave the global church in a better condition than when we found it.

We lead with humble confidence

We understand everything we have comes from God, and we fight to steward it with excellence. We grow in ever-increasing awareness of ourselves and God to lead with neither fear nor pride but from humility and boldness.

Waymaker Institute’s Origin Story

What is Waymaker Institute?

What Waymaker Institute graduates are saying

Waymaker Institute has changed my view of ministry. It has prepared and equipped me to go after more within ministry than I would've ever thought possible.

Allyson Mountcasel

Academic Student 2020-2021

The Waymaker Institute Internship has given me so many opportunities for growth and development unlike anywhere else. Being able to work with the Students Team has been life changing and has had such a huge impact on what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Paul Hunter

Summer Intern 2022

From the functions of a church staff to practicing spiritual disciplines, WMI has trained me in both knowledge and practice to deal with the harder parts of ministry that I had never learned in a classroom before. What started as my next step academically, has now become a milestone in my spiritual maturity.

Peter Johnson

Students Resident 2018-2020