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At Waymaker Institute you will learn from people with the tools and experience to equip you as you grow, mature, and find direction in your life.
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Feel like you’re lacking direction in your life?


Not sure which way to go


Feeling stuck, insecure, and worried about making the wrong move


Time wasted struggling to find your purpose


Pressure from family, friends, and culture to figure out your next step


Missing out on living your life’s calling


Not making the impact on others that you want to make

Choosing your best next step doesn’t have to be so hard


3 Growth Tracks Based On Your Goals


Practical Coaching In All Programs


A Healthy Culture and Confident Leaders to Develop You

We understand the pressures you’re facing in this stage of life


At Waymaker Institute, you’ll find programs to meet you where you are, a process to stretch you, and healthy leaders to invest in developing you.

Backed by the local church. Trusted by Academia.

Waymaker Institute, Inc. partners with the following institutions to provide students in the Academic Program the opportunity to pursue an accredited undergraduate degree after completing the Academic Program.

Choose Your Growth Track

Academic Certificate Program

Awaken your calling while earning college credits through our state-recognized certificate program.

Internship Program

Seasonal leadership development in a ministry context. Experience working in the local church while being developed by our gifted leaders.

Residency Work Program

Get invaluable ministry experience while continuing your development through our two-year, full-time work program with Waymaker.Church.

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Experience Waymaker Institute over the course of multiple days and see if it’s a fit for you.

You will participate in academic classes, meet professors, and shadow a student in ministry training.

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Get the direction you’ve been missing

identify your calling

Use the classroom, internships, and ministry experience to get clarity.

find your confidence

Apply what you’re learning through real life experiences.

impact others

Develop your spiritual gifts to shape your character and your influence.

What is Waymaker Institute?

Hear What Our Graduates Have To Say

Waymaker Institute has changed my view of ministry. It has prepared and equipped me to go after more within ministry than I would've ever thought possible.

Allyson Mountcasel

Academic Student 2020-2021

The Waymaker Institute Internship has given me so many opportunities for growth and development unlike anywhere else. Being able to work with the Students Team has been life changing and has had such a huge impact on what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Paul Hunter

Summer Intern 2022

From the functions of a church staff to practicing spiritual disciplines, WMI has trained me in both knowledge and practice to deal with the harder parts of ministry that I had never learned in a classroom before. What started as my next step academically, has now become a milestone in my spiritual maturity.

Peter Johnson

Students Resident 2018-2020

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