Vision of Waymaker Institute


Waymaker Institute is a one-year program for high school graduates who are attempting to discern their call into ministry. The program will expose students to the daily operations and ministries of a thriving church, equip them to grow in biblical knowledge and spiritual maturity, and prepare them for future leadership in the local church.

Upon completing Waymaker Institute, students will be able to:

  1. Articulate their call to ministry, and their next steps in pursuing it.
  2. Understand diverse ministry formats and best practices. 
  3. Understand and apply leadership skills, increasing their leadership capacity. 
  4. Understand and comprehend Biblical history and interpretation and apply it to ministry praxis.
  5. Grasp and apply Biblical truth to their personal lives, increasing spiritual maturity. 




Brett Clubb

Waymaker Institute Director

Jess Brown

Institute Administrator

Nathan Cantu

Instructional Coordinator


Nathan Cantu

Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey

Theology and Culture

Mike Boorman


Maria Rolf

Spiritual Formations

Brett Clubb

Spiritual Leadership
Church Ministries

Academics 101


What is Waymaker Institute?

Waymaker Institute is a one-year program for high school graduates with a calling into ministry. Through academic classroom settings, coaching, and ministry training, we will challenge and give skill to the minds, hearts, and hands of the next generation of church leaders. Functionally, Waymaker Institute is a one-year gap program where students will receive academic and internship credits toward further education.

Who is Waymaker Institute for?

Waymaker Institute is for high school graduates who love Jesus and the local church and who have a desire to discern their calling into ministry.

What do I receive after graduating from Waymaker Institute?

Waymaker Institute students will receive a certificate of ministry stating their completion of the program. Students will also receive transfer credits to either Liberty University or Cairn University.

What are the application requirements?

  • Official High School Transcripts
  • 2.5 Minimum GPA
  • SAT / ACT Scores
  • Questionnaire
  • Video Submission
  • Upon acceptance each student will have 30 days to submit their $200 reserve deposit
  • Further detailed instructions will follow upon completion of the Waymaker Institute Application. Questions? Find more information here.

What is the application process?

  1. Complete a Waymaker Institute Application
  2. Submit the Ministry Experience Questionnaire
  3. Video Submission (Five-minute explanation of your testimony)
  4. Submit official high school transcripts along with ACT/SAT scores

How much does Waymaker Institute cost?

  • Full Tuition Amount- $3,000
    • Reserve Deposit- $250 (due upon completion of Student Check-In)
    • Initial Tuition Payment- $550 due August 1st
    • Tuition Balance- $2,200- Full balance/initial payment due September 1st (payment plan provided below)

Is there a payment plan?

Waymaker Institute’s initial payment is due on September 1st. However, we provide an easy to follow 4-month payment plan of $550/month. For more information, visit our Admissions page.

Is housing provided?

Waymaker Institute does not provide housing for students. However, we have compiled a list of reputable housing options to assist in this process.

Is transportation provided?

All students are required to provide their own transportation.

Is there an age limit for students to attend Waymaker Institute?

The maximum age of a Waymaker Institute student is 25. The student meets the age limit if they turn 25 after the first day of the academic year.

What are the technology requirements?

Waymaker Institute requires that each student provide their own personal laptop with Office 365 compatibility.

What are the doctrinal beliefs of Waymaker Institute?

The doctrinal beliefs of Waymaker Institute are in line with the doctrinal beliefs of Waymaker.Church. View Waymaker.Church’s beliefs here.

Can I transfer credits to another college?

Our credits currently only transfer to Liberty University and Cairn University.

Can I receive federal student loans or financial aid?

The Waymaker Institute is not a Title IV educational institution, and as such our students are not eligible for federal student aid or to have student loans placed in deferment.